​​Wendy Donohue Solutions is there when...

...Just want to freshen up your space but not sure where to start?  Wendy can offer simple suggestions on ways to make a space more organized, updated, or just nicer to be in.  So many times people put off a project because they don't know where to start.  Wendy can break it down, step by step, from deciding what to do, getting prepped for it, managing subcontractors, and then add the finishing touches!

...The family home is too much for mom and dad.  They need to downsize and/or move into assisted living.  The other family members are busy with their own families and live out of town. Who can help with this transition?  Wendy can look at all the pieces of this complex situation and break it down into a step by step plan to ease mom and dad into their new life.  Wendy enjoys providing as much TLC as needed.

...A family decides to renovate their existing home.  How do you get ready?  Stay? Move out temporarily?  How do you pack for this?  Wendy can put together a detailed strategic plan to prepare for  a project from beginning to completion.

...Deciding to move?  What do you do first?